a tool for managing your essential oil inventory and DIY recipes


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a dynamic electronic tool for organizing your aromatherapy inventory and DIY recipes

One-time purchase - $5.00


• Powered by Airtable, a free online database

• Accessible through your web browser or through an app on your computer, smartphone or tablet

• Organize, sort, search, group and filter your essential oils and recipes according to ingredients, benefits and safety

• Completely customizable!


• Supported by our Facebook User’s Group


"I purchased this app about 6 months ago, and the more I use it the more I love it! It's such a small $ purchase, I did so without much thought or expectation. A wonderful base is provided to start from, so I started out using it as-is, quickly became familiar, and am still tweaking it. It is so customizable, I have found no limitations to my needs."


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